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Penn Bowl 12
24-25 January 2003
Registration Form

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Important Note:
Please note that you may register as many teams as you wish at this time. However, we will not begin admitting third and subsequent teams into the field until November 1, 2002. This is to ensure that all teams that wish to register have a chance to do so.


Please complete all fields.

Contact Name:
Contact Email Address:
Number of Teams:

A team = $140; B team = $115; C/D teams = $100 each

(All discounts will be applied on your final invoice.)

(-$10 each)
  We will determine discounts for fully-functional systems on site.
(-$10 each)
(-$30 each)
Names and e-mail addresses of moderator(s):
New school discount:
(see announcement for details)
Travel discount:
(see announcement for details)
If you are registering two or more teams, please include a contact person (with e-mail) for each team.

Would you prefer PB12 be timed or untimed?
(see announcement for details)
If your team won PB12, which ONE of these would you most want?
(see announcement for details)

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If you have a problem reading this form, contact Penn Bowl staff.

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